Gear hobs and disk cutters

Our gear hobs and milling are produced on multi-axis CNC machines, which integrate the latest technology, either according to the DIN or AGMA standard or, if required, according to special designs, for profile grinding.

The use of the best powder metallurgically produced steels (PM HSS) ensures absolute process control and maximum tool life.

Impact wheels

Our impact wheels are developed under profile optimization to maximize the tool life, while ensuring the dimensions of the part within the required tolerance range.

After carrying out the thermal vacuum treatment, which enables the highest control of the process, impact wheels are produced on 6-axis CNC machines. This achieves the highest precision with the possibility of manufacturing up to a DIN AAA quality.

Scraping wheels

The quality of the internal surface of the toothing is essential to improve the chip flow, which determines the lifetime of the cutting edges and the quality of the final result of the scraped surfaces.

We have developed a powerful production system that integrates the most precise and efficient manufacturing processes in the production of our impact wheels.

More Informations


Gear cutting tools are often very special or are manufactured according to drawing. For this reason, we would like to ask you to send a specified enquiry for these tools in detail.

You have the possibility to send up to three drawings for the production of drawing-bound tools. The data will, of course, be treated confidentially!

We also can offer corresponding » GAUGES !

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