Self-opening Die Heads RUBOMETRIC Type D

RUBOMETRIC die heads are suitable for cutting right hand and left hand threads, for cutting any form of threads and materials, and for cutting close to the shoulder and every length of thread.

RUBOMETRIC die heads are suitable for large and small production runs, and chasers can be interchanged rapidly.

All sizes have a fine adjustment screw to permit setting chasers to cut over- or undersize threads.

The die heads are used on turning machines, turret lathes, single and multi-spindle automatic lathes,threading machines, drilling maschines, or on other machines that are suitable for cutting threads.

RUBOMETRIC die heads are suitable for die heads GEOMETRIC type D and EFEM type G.

Advantages of the die heads:

  • Shorter working time. Runback into the threads ceases, as the die head opens after the cutting process has ended, and the screwing-dies are automatically retracted from the threads.
  • No reversal in the rotary direction of the machine’s spindle is necessary after thread cutting has been completed.
  • Usage of the die head.Fixed in accordance with the machine’s construction type. (For instance, the die heads are inserted into the tailstock of the machine, and a thread is cut by rotating the work piece).


  • Revolving (The die head is rotated and the work piece remains static).
  • Simple and accurate adjustment of the die head, for cutting threads in fine tolerance.
  • By adjusting the die head, threads with dimensions under and over the specified dimensions can be cut using the same thread screwing-dies.

The speed and simplicty with which the screwing-dies can be exchanged makes this type especially suitable for processing small batches, and also for cutting threads next to a protrusion; equipped for rough cutting and second / third tapping.

Item No. Description Cutting Range
E-05000 RUBOMETRIC Die Head DS 5/16″ shank Ø 16 mm M2 – M8
E-05001 RUBOMETRIC Die Head D 9/16″ shank Ø 26 mm M4 – M14
E-05002 RUBOMETRIC Die Head D 3/4″ shank Ø 40 mm M6 – M20
E-05003 RUBOMETRIC Die Head D 1″ shank Ø 40 mm M8 – M24
5/16″- 1″