The Principle:

Electropneumatic measuring is a non-contact measuring method. This enables you to measure components without damaging them and at a very low error ratio. Oil-free compressed air is used as measuring medium.

Compressed air flows through jets/nozzles. Depending on the distance between the jets and the component, dynamic pressure develops in the pipe between the gauge and the column. This dynamic pressure is measured by a pressure gauge. Simultaneously the air flow is measured.

These measuring results will immediately be converted by the column and shown on digital and LED displays.

Maximum accuracy:

If the component’s finish is suitable and within a small tolerance range, electropneumatic measuring can measure up to 0.0001 mm.

Effect of dirt particles:

Dirt generally effects any kind of measurement but electropneumatic measuring systems have some advantages over other measuring systems. Residue from cooling fluids and dirt particles will be blown away by the escaping air thus enabling accurate results.

Effect of roughness:

The surface roughness of the component influces the result measured with open jets. Caroming compressed air averages the peaks and valleys of the surface roughness.

Should roughness exceed 6.3 Rz, it is advisable to use other measuring systems like plug gauges or setting rings.

Technical Data
Max. tolerance range 0.2 mm on a measuring scale of 0.002 mm
0.1 mm on a measuring scale of 0.001 mm
0.01 mm on a measuring scale of 0.0001 mm
Air supply pressure oil-free compressed air*
Working pressure 4 bar
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz
Display digital and LED
Data interfaces RS232 and RS485
Size (L x B x H) 236 x 56 x 450 mm

* We can provide you with the neccessary filters and compressed air regulators.

Air-plug gauges for testing holes and incones.

Air-plug gauges for testing holes and incones.

Air-ring gauges for testing outer diameters and outer cones.

Air-caliper gauges for outer diameters that are difficult to access.

Air-probes for measuring special shapes.

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